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Carpet Cleaning


carpet3With millions of different bacteria, microscopic dust animals, etc... covered by dust and living in carpets, it is important keep a clean and hygiene controlled environment, which is where Nova carpet cleaning division, with experience and a high standard of work, can help you.

Undertaking new methods, more effective and efficient with trained staff and motivated to do the work, we are one of the chosen companies for carpet cleaning in office environments and other locations.

cleaning-picOur value for money has boosted our service making us improve everyday with new advanced equipment and new trends of cleaning complying with ISO standards, our services are tailored to customers' needs and requirements and are the best option if you are looking for expertise.

We offer competitive prices in terms of quality as we always provide the highest standard of service.
Being part of our portfolio is not just being part of a list, our customers are the most valued assets of Nova.

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