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Our company is in the process of development and expansion and has developed a specialist division of maintenance for buildings, which carries out a Breakdown Maintenance, Preventive maintenance and Periodic Maintenance.

maint2Our International and National Standard Certificates guaranty that our service will always remain in the highest level of quality as we have intensive controls measures which comply with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001, and we are in the process of implementation of ISO 22301, ISO 27001 which demonstrate our commitment to provide a reliable, high quality service to all our customers and help us to improve our regulatory and legal compliance.

We understand how crucial it is to maintain, improve and more importantly avoid any possible damage in your infrastructure that can stop, harm or delay your business in achieving its key missions. To ensure your business continuity and continued operation we are the experts that you can lean on 24/7, 365 days a year.

maint3Where the mission is maintain, repair and improve the efficiency of the assets that keep your business running, Nova supports our clients' sensitive equipment that directly impacts their business development. We have earned the trust of all our customers through a proven track record of achievements on mission critical assessments, Nova commits to respond to the highest priorities of our customers with highly trained and qualified integrated teams.

Nova helps maintain critical systems in the highest state of operation when time is an asset and failure is not an option.

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