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Data Centre Cleaning


Dust contamination is known as an "Undetected Disaster" and is one of the main problems challenging the lifetime of data centres as dust together with other factors can reduce lifetime severally if not treated appropriately and on time.

data3Recent IT research has measured that 70% of total IT-breakdowns are caused by dust particles and debris. It can build up over time, very often unnoticed, until it causes a failure in the Data Centre, e.g. slowing down the systems, disk failures, unexpected shut down of the systems, increase the temperature in cabinets and indirect damage e.g. fan burn out leading to a discharge of expensive fire suppressing systems.

data2The Nova IT Hygiene Division with over 5 years of experience and continuous training in this field, has developed new methods of safe-clean , which are more effective and efficient in meeting the high demand of IT Hygiene, which continuously improve the level of quality. This division is committed to bringing the best quality service. Our employees are rigorously selected and highly qualified, trained together with CRB checks to ensure our customer's property is safe and security standards are met.

data4Our senior management and client advisors work closely with all our customers in order to tailor a bespoke service which meets our client's expectations in terms of value for money and desired standard. During the dealing process our expert staff induct customers to the importance of a clean IT environment, the risk of not following protocols, what kind of problems can lend from a poor risk management, also we advise customers of new methods of cleaning, time saving, reducing environmental impact, risk mitigation (if applicable), prices, ISO requirements and how they can achieve certain standards and understanding the importance of a clean environment.

data-pic4Thanks to our I+D+D department and independent laboratories we are improving everyday with methods and products which help us to prevent and avoid any possible damage while we carry out the service and help to keep critical IT infrastructure running.

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