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Catering and event arrangements


catering3Nova is proud to offer this specialized service of catering and integrated services for companies or individuals. We focus on satisfying our customers with a high quality of service and competitive prices that fits their budgets.

catering2With more than 15 years of experience we understand that all occasions are different, that's why we build a personalized service that meets client expectations, adding a vision of the future and being proactive in all our arrangements has helped Nova to gain a great reputation and a high appreciation of our work.

With our experience in catering we can adapt to a wide range of occasions, such as and not limited to product launch events, breakfast, business lunch, business dinners, business meetings, individual occasions and many more, we promise to provide our clients with a high standard of service, representative staff and good food quality.

catering1We understand that the success of each event can end in positive results for your business purpose or reputation. To achieve this we carefully follow step by step each of the many stages that are necessary to complete the event, from the selection of the menu to the most intricate detail in the decoration always keeping in mind the need to represent your personality or company identity.

As in all our services we guaranty our standard and quality of service always remains high throughout the event. We also monitor all our products in order to comply with HACCP and meet the requirements of European Regulation (EC) No852/2004 on the hygiene of foodstuff.

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